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Testing Process
Testing Process - Quick Summary:

1. Create an account.
2. Take practice tests.
3. Take final test 3 times.
4. Choose final score.
5. Choose certificate.
6. View/print certificate.

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Here's how our testing process works:
bullet1. Create an Account
bulletYour account provides access to the site, allowing you to take the tests and view your typing certificate.
bulletYou will need to specify a payment method.  If paying by credit/debit card online, you will be able to access the site instantly.  If mailing in payment, we will enable your account within one business day of receiving payment.
bulletAt the time you create your account, you can optionally pre-order high-quality prints of your certificate.
bullet2. Take Practice Tests
bulletThese allow you to get familiar with the typing test environment.
bulletPractice tests may be taken an unlimited number of times.
bullet3. Take Final Tests
bulletThe final typing test may be taken 3 times.  Afterwards, you will choose which result to put onto your certificate.
bulletEach test has three scores: your gross (uncorrected) words-per-minute (WPM), your percentage accuracy, and your adjusted words-per-minute.  The adjusted WPM is equal to your gross WPM multiplied by your percentage accuracy.
bulletAll tests are between 250 and 350 words long (approximately 1800 characters each).  In most cases, the tests meet the 5 minute test requirement that many employers have (see more information).
bullet4. Choose your Score
bulletChose the best score from your 3 attempts.  The results will appear on your typing certificate.
bullet5. Choose your Certificate's Style
bullet10 styles are available to choose from (see samples).
bullet6. View/Print your Certificate
You can also...
bulletDownload your typing certificate onto your computer.
bulletSend your results and certificate to an e-mail address (such as an employer's email).
bulletOrder high-quality, full-color prints of your certificate.
bulletChange your typing certificate's style.

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